Wind Powered Toy Helicopter Kite Gyrokite Gyroglider Gyrocopter Model Not RC Radio Control, No Batteries, No Fuel, No Motor, No Rubberbands, All you need is WIND to power this copter up to 100 feet high. Great Stocking Stuffer!




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Snap it together, no tools required. Flying line is included. This item will fly up to 200 feet high. With some practice the pilot can learn to perform many different stunts and tricks. Touch and go landings, dives to the right and left and vertical take off and landing are just a few of the fun stunts to learn. The lifetime warranty is amazing because no toy sold anywhere today ever offers a warranty, not to mention a lifetime warranty. This must be one of the last toys also that is 100% made in the USA. The educational value of this copter is also very good. Young aviators can learn many basic principles of aviation which are demonstrated in the action demonstrated by this Helicopter Kite. Fun to fly, very educational, and an exciting challenge to master!Flies using only Wind Power!
No batteries, No motor, No Fuel, No rubberbands
Lifetime Replacement Warranty
Hovers, Takes off and lands vertically
Does touch-n-go landings, 360 rolls, dog fights