The Mighty Bald Eagle 3d Kite with 6′- 6″ (78 Inch) Wing Span with Realistic Proportions and Made of Premium Materials




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In todays modern world, where our eyes jumps from computer screens to tv screens to phone screens, there is an ever increasing need for us to reconnect with the outdoor activities previous generations enjoyed.

Kids are especially prone to screen addictions, which may take a toll on their eye sight and growing bodies. Spark your childs interest in nature and encourage outdoor activities with this fun and educational toy. This kite will provide hours of fun for your child and your inner child!

The Might Badlwin Eagle 3d kite emulates the proportions of a real Baldwin Eagle. It has a three dimensional head, torso and wings which gives it a realistic look from any angle. In fact, during one of our test flights, a flock of passing parrots saw the eagle and started panicking thinking it’s a real eagle!

It’s wing feathers are intentionally cut to shape instead of painted on like most cheaper kites, so during flight you will hear the sound of flapping wings as wind passes under, adding another dimension of realism.

To see how aerodynamic this eagle is, grab it by the rear tip of the spine and throw it like a paper airplane, you will be surprised how smooth it glides through the air. Try doing that with any flat kites.[THE 3D DIFFERENCE] – Unlike the hype of 3D movies, this 3D Kite is truely an upgrade from it’s flat counterparts. The large wings and well proportioned 3D body provides superb aerodynamics that makes it glides through the air in a smooth buttery motion. Grab the rear spine of this eagle kite and throw it like a paper airplane to see for yourself.
[REALISTIC SIZE AND PROPORTIONS] – The wingspan of this kite is 6′-8″, the average size of a real Baldwin Eagle.
DURABLE RIP-STOP NYLON] – Stronger than polyester, this material keeps the eagle soaring high whether it encounters rain or sharp tree branches
[FULL FIBERGLASS FRAMING] – The main rod which handles majority of the stress are made with full fiberglass. Dive from 300 feet in the sky straight into the ground and the eagle will not feel any impact
[EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND FLY] – Packaging includes clear and easy to follow instruction, setup takes 15 seconds. This kite will provide months of fun for you child and your inner child!