Sportsman KTST Stunt Kite




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The Sportsman Series Ready To Fly Stunt Kite is designed for the serious flier who wants to perform stunts and have more fun flying kites. This is the grown up version of the kite you flew as a kid. The Stunt Kite has a wingspan of 63 by 29.5-Inch and can stand winds of up to 20 miles per hour. The Ready To Fly Stunt Kite is constructed of tough rip stop nylon with fiberglass spars, you’ll never go back to the plastic kiddie kites again.Ready to fly kite performs radical tricks and stunts
Rip stop nylon construction with fiberglass spars
Includes 2 winder handles and two 100 foot lines
Wingspan of 63 by 29.5-Inch, for wind range 5-20 MPH