Prism Tensor 4.2 Power Foil Kite CX Bundle: (5 Items) Includes 2ND Control Bar Kite : CX 1.5M Foil Control Bar Trainer Kite + WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Decals + WindBone Kitesurfing Key Chain + WB Kiteboarding Koozy Cooler : Land Snow Traction Trainer Foil Quad Handle Bar Power Kite




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The Prism Tensor 4.2 is an amazingly versatile wing for land-based kite traction and all-around fun, with the widest useful wind range of the three Tensor models. It flies easily in 5 mph winds, produces useable power from about 8mph, and really cranks in 12mph or more. This makes it the ideal choice for most locations if you can only invest in one kite.

More than just a trainer, the Tensor makes it simple and safe to get into power kiting with a dual-line control bar, safety leash and quick release, all set up and ready to fly. Plus Prism’s innovative convertible bar system transforms into rugged quad-line handles for the extra control and maneuverability used in traction sports like buggying, snow kiting and landboarding without spending another dime on your gear.

The Tensor package includes everything you need for serious fun in a roomy backpack/duffel. Lines come pre-attached, ready to fly, and color-coded lines, handles and pigtails make setup, conversion, and adjustment easy, and the included multiple safety systems allow for instant power removal or release when needed. Includes Control Bar convertible to Dual Quad Handles plus stainless ground stake and detailed flight manual

+CX 1.5M Foil Control Bar Kite:

High Quality 1.5 Meter Foil Kite complete with Control Bar, Lines, and Cary Bag.. Full Featured 2-Line Control Bar Open Cell Foil Kite, Quality CX European Brand.

+WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key Chain Fob: Carry your keys in WBK style.

(color may vary)

+WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Koozy Beverage Holder Cooler:
Keep your beverage cool and hands warm.

(color may vary)

+WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestlye Decals:
Add some WBK style to rear car windows and let everyone know you’re a kiteboarder..Power Kiting Bundle CX – Includes 5 Items: Prism Tensor 4.2 Power Foil Kite (Red) + CX 1.5M Foil Control Bar Kite + WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key-Chain Fob + Kiteboarding WindBone Koozy Cooler + Kiteboarding WindBone Decals
Bundle Item #1: Prism Tensor 4.2 Foil Power Kite (Red) – Complete with 3-Line Control Bar (Convertable to Dual Quad Handle Control Mode) Flying Lines, Carry Backpack Bag, Safety Leash System, Ground Stake
+Bundle Item #2: (FREE 2nd Kite) CX 1.5M Foil Trainer Kite complete with Control Bar & Lines
+Bundle Item #3: Windbone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key Chain Fob +Bundle Item #4 WindBone KB Beverage Cooler Holder +Bundle Item #5 WindBone Kiteboarding Decals
Prism Tensor 4.2 Specs:: Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate; Wing Span: 138″ (350 cm); Sail Area: 45.2 sq ft (4.2 sq m); Speed: Moderate; Pull: Very Strong; Sail Material: Ripstop Nylon; Cells: 18; Flying Lines: 65′ x 300 lbs (19.8 m x 136 kg), 65′ x 500 lbs (19.8 m x 226.8 kg)