Prism Snapshot 2.5 Speed Foil Kite




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Prism Snapshot 2.5 offers a 2.5 sq m sail area and impressive pull, the Snapshot 2.5 packs a big punch even in moderate winds and its tight, responsive handling makes it a lot more fun to fly than other foils its size. Simpler and more affordable than the sails you would use for kiteboarding, the Snapshot is an ideal intro to power kiting, with enough thrust to drag even larger pilots down the beach. When you are ready step up to the added control of four lines, the 2.5 can convert to a quad-liner by adding quad handles and one more set of flying lines (conversion quad handles, lines, and components are not included). Or add an optional Prism convertible dual/quad control bar for the best of both worlds. The Snapshot comes complete with Spectra dual-lines pre-attached, flight straps, tail and compact pouch, the Snapshot will make a wind junkie out of you on your first breezy day.Arm-stretching pull even in moderate winds
Flies with dual or quad line control (ready to fly in dual line mode)
Ideal for larger pilots and as a power kiting trainer
Stuffs into a compact pouch small enough to take anywhere
Ready to fly with pre-attached Spectra lines, flight straps, line winder, and tail