Prism Nexus Stunt Kite, Blue




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Big enough for real-kite performance, small enough to pack in a suitcase, the Nexus is an adrenaline-filled intro to sport kiting that’s sure to get you hooked. Quick-turning and precise with a solid pull, the Nexus flies with the ease and control of a larger kite, with all the details that have made Prism the world’s leader in sport kite design. The Nexus features carbon leading edges and spreaders for instant response and great light-wind performance, and a flexible fiberglass spine to absorb the energy of those unplanned landings. The simple three-point bridle offers easy adjustment for a wide range of wind: Just tilt the nose forward for lighter winds or back for strong winds. Speedier and sportier than a full-sized wing, the Nexus is nicely balanced for intermediate freestyle tricks so you won’t get bored once you learn the basics. Comes complete with low-stretch Spectra lines, winder, flight straps and a handy travel case that’s small enough to bring every time you head for the outdoors.Fast and quick-turning for extra excitement in stronger winds
Carbon frame flies easily in lighter winds
Kevlar-reinforced nose and flexible fiberglass spine absorb the shock of unplanned landings
Solid pull provides extra feedback for new pilots
Compact, take-it-anywhere package includes Spectra lines, winder, flight straps, and travel case