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The Hypnotist is a great introduction to freestyle tricks as well as a durable all-around wing for everyday fun. We combined the high aspect wing geometry of the Quantum Pro with the bulletproof frame design of the Quantum to create a performance hybrid with the balance of a competition kite but the durability to handle all the abuse you can dish out while you learn. The full-sized, 8-foot wing span makes it precise and forgiving, while its higher aspect ratio gives greater pitch sensitivity to handle the latest yo-yo and freestyle moves with ease. Specially engineered leading edge connectors match the flex of the wing so you don’t over-stress your frame. Shock absorber system protects the spine in those over-zealous power dives. Hand-wrapped, tapered Dynamic graphite lower spreaders boost acceleration and add a high-end feel in the corners. Step up to the Hypnotist if you’ve already learned the basics on a beginner model. Or if you’re a quick learner, make it your first kite knowing you’ll log many hours of fun before you need to upgrade. Comes complete with our acclaimed Freestyle Pilot DVD, our proven step-by-step course that will take you from basic landings to the most advanced acrobatics. Ready to fly with Spectra lines, polycarbonate winder, DVD, and flight straps.Tough enough for first-time flyers but balanced for the full range of freestyle tricks
Includes our Freestyle Pilot DVD, step-by-step training for freestyle tricks
High aspect ratio wing allows advanced freestyle tricks
Tapered, wrapped graphite lower spreaders for frame stiffness and response
Spine shock absorber and Kevlar-reinforced nose protect the frame in hard crashes


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