Prism EO Atom Box Kite, Ice




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Like an irresistible lure, our new EO (Expandable Object) box kites always attract a crowd. The original brainchild of Phil McConnachie, internationally acclaimed Australian designer, the EOs are dynamic box kites that soar like a traditional single-liner, or with a tug on the line they become playful tumblers with a fascinating range of tricks. The EO Atom is the newest and smallest member of the series. Like the others, it folds flat and pops open ready to fly, no assembly required. The three intersecting planes give it great stability but let you experiment with a wide range of tumbling tricks by slacking the line. The Atom also has a nice feature for the occasional unplanned landing: No matter which way it lands, you can relaunch it instantly just by tugging on the string. Amazingly durable and easy to fly for all ages, EO’s can can also be flown in multiples on a single string for a spectacular show.Unique design pops open ready to fly, no assembly required
Flies stable like a balloon or does playful tumbling tricks with a tug of the line
Relaunches from any ground position just by tugging on the line
Wide wind range
Ready to fly with 200 ft of flying line and winder included