Neo III 11.0 R2F De-Power Control Bar Stable Relaunch Power Expert Kite by HQ




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Fly the Neo 3 and you will know why we made this kite. The predictable and progressive handling gives great feedback in all riding conditions. We have created the perfect use of power-to-square-meter ratio to give these kites incredible wind range and depower. The profile and the speed of the Neo 3 have been improved to create a kite that is great all-round. Wake style moves are now possible – go unhooked with a foil. From extreme pop to riding up wind, this kite performs on the highest level. Massive performance and stability allow for water relaunches thanks to the closed cell tech?nology. The Neo 3 brings the fun back into kiting on any terrain.

What is included?

  • High-quality backpack
  • De-power control bar
  • Coloured Y-Line set
  • Multilingual de-power guide

Line set
2-5.5Bft.(6-44 km/h 4-27 mph 3.7-24 Knoten)

Y-Line set 300-600 kp (660/1320 Ib.) Back Line set 270 kp (595 Ib.) 25 m (82 ft.)

Flat Span (ft.)

21.5Reduced bridle thickness for more performance
Total Depower Safety line (TDS) flag-out system
Dynamic flying characteristics and designed with paragliding expert Tom Bourdeau
Optimized unhooked capability
Closed Cell Technology