KickFire Kadavu® Premium Blue Delta Kite | Best Kite for Kids | Easy to Fly | Large High Flyer Kites | Ripstop Nylon Fabric | Includes High Quality 100 ft Kite String, Plastic Reel & Kite Bag




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Perfect beginners kite! | The kite every parent and child dreams about.

Looking for the perfect gift for your kids? Or how about a great family activity to enjoy in the great outdoors? The KickFire Kadavu® delta kite provides hours of family fun in the breeze and sun!

Whether at the beach, the park, or at home, the Kadavu® cuts through the sky like a bird in flight! From top to tail, the Kadavu® stretches over 10 feet in length (123 in.), and features a wingspan of almost 6 feet (56 in.)–making the Kadavu® one of the largest kites on the market. The Kadavu® is made from long-lasting, ripstop nylon, and comes with 100 feet of durable nylon string on a strong plastic reel. When not in use, the Kadavu® folds to fit into the easy to carry, ripstop, nylon kite bag for quick and convenient storage.

The Kadavu® is a classic children’s toy that is a breeze to assemble, launch and fly, and is perfect for kids and adults. Once in the air, the Kadavu® flies high and steady enabling children of all skill levels to fly with ease, and without the fear of crashing.

The Kadavu® comes with free online video tutorials from our expert flier, Luke Kitewalker. His quick-start videos will help you get and keep your Kadavu® high in the sky.

KickFire Classics is committed to creating high-quality toys for kids that provide a break from technology and challenge children to get outside and play. Some of our most popular toys include the KickFire Diabolo® Chinese yoyo with Ty the Diabolo Guy, and the Banded Bandit® rubber band guns featuring Cowboy Cory. If you are looking for great gifts for your children or grandkids, check out our full collection at our KickFire Classics Amazon store.

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Simple to start, stable in flight, the KickFire Kadavu® cuts through the skies like a bird in flight
Easy up kite provides a stable flying experience for beginners, kids & adults. Kite bag included
Stretches over 10 ft top to tail w/ wingspan of almost 6 ft | Quality reel w/ 100 ft durable string
FREE bonus includes quick start online video lessons from our expert flier, Luke Kitewalker
CUSTOMERS SAY: Easy to get in the air and keep in the air | Love the colors and easy kite carry bag