Huuuuge Rainbow Kite For Kids – One Of The Best Selling Toys For Outdoor Games Activities – Good Plan For Memorable Summer Fun – This Magic Kit Comes With Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee




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As a parent, no one knows better than you just how quickly the years of childhood speed by…

but in this day and age your children’s lives are increasingly devoured

by game consoles and television screens. Creating strong family memories requires

time, dedication, and an activity to bring you together.

An activity like flying a kite.

And there’s no better kite to get your kids started than our 46-inch Rainbow Kite.

Designed to be stable and easy to launch in nearly every type of wind from

a light breeze to a stiff blow. Its a versatile and stable and builds strength and coordination.

The Bald Eagle is built to look like the real thing:

The 3-D body and wings have real volume to them and glide as gracefully as their

namesake-don’t be surprised if onlookers mistake it for the real thing. It’s huge,

it has a 6-foot wingspan, and it’s realistic its a fearsome flier. You’ll still be

flying this kite years after cheaper models have ripped, torn, snapped, and faded.

Kids’ll feel the surge of pride in themselves when they get one of the huge,
wingspan airborne. And most importantly, they’ll remember flying a kite with you, as
a family. Order your kites today!