HQ Hydra II 300 V2 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Bundle (Includes 3 Items) Hydra 300 + 2nd Kite Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite + WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestyle Key Chain : Water Trainer Foil Traction Power Kite




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The HQ Hydra is now new and improved in the latest Hydra-II 300 Model. HQ Hydra II 300 (Bundle Item 1): The HQ Hydra (from HQ Power Kites) is the world’s first and only water relaunchable trainer foil kite. Extremely stable and easy to fly, this closed cell ram-air foil has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet it floats on water. A third line provides the safety system and the ability to reverse launch, making it perfect for use with absolute beginners. The HQ Hydra II 300 flies great in low winds and generates plenty of pull for bodydrags when the wind is strong. HQ Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil kite (Bundle Item 2): High Quality 1.3 meter Foil kite with Control Straps.. (Bundle includes this Additional Second Kite : color may vary on 1.3 Kite: Rainbow or Mango) WindBone Kiteboarding Lifestlye Key Chain Fob (Bundle Item 3): Carry your keys in WBK styleKitesurfing Trainer Bundle – Includes 3 Items (HQ Hydra II 300 Trainer Kite + Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite + WindBone Kiteboarding Key-Chain Fob
Kiteboarding Trianer Kite Bundle! – Includes FREE Second Kite
HQ Hydra II 300 3M Water Relaunchable 3 Meter Trainer Kite (All New Version 2 Model)) – Only Trainer Kite that can be used on/in/over water
HQ Symphony Beach 1.3M Foil Kite with Control Straps
Plus FREE Windbone Kitebording Key Chain FOB