Gnarley Pink Sport Stunt Fun Dual Line Kites Are Great for Begininners and Also One That Any Flier Will Appreciate. It Rips Through the Sky with a Loud Noise That Adds to the Excitement. Kids Will Love the Bright Colors and Fun Graphics!




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Gnarley Sport kites are designed to fly in a wide range of conditions. Using a combination of pulls and pushes (to give slack to the lines), complex tricks and patterns can be flown. For smooth and consistent flying, a steady breeze is required. ONLY ONE QUESTION REMAINS: WHO WILL PULL OFF THE MOST GNARLEY TRICKS?# BESTSELLER: Kites Made From Fibreglass Rods Frame and Quality Weather Resistant Ripstop Nylon Fabric Sail Profile.
MEASUREMENTS: 2 Line Stunt Kite Measuring 24″ Long by 53″ wide and FREE Gnarley Bag Included 17″ Long by 5″ Wide and Handle Set
SKILL LEVEL: Novice – Intermediate * WIND RANGE : 4-20MPH *FUN FACTOR: Off the Scale
UTILIZE: Kite is able to fly at a slower forward speed and in lighter wind conditions. This makes the kite easier to fly and a lot more fun for the first time flier. Another awesome beginner kite to not only learn on, but to pass on to others as the Flier improves. The GNARLEY graphics are unique and a pleasure to watch as it soars effortlessly through the sky.