Flying Eagle Kite Kit by LIVERTOL® High Quality, Strongest Bird-Shaped Flying Kite for Kids and Adults ~ 5 Foot Wingspan of Flying Eagle ~ Easy to Assemble, Fly, & Store with Carrying Case




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Take Your Kite-Flying Experience One Step Further With The Livertol Eagle Kite! Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with your family? Want a unique gift idea that’s guaranteed to bring a smile on your kid’s face? Then look no further than the Livertol Eagle Kite! This isn’t your average dollar kite – it’s much 0more than that! Having been made from top-of-the-line 210T polyester, the kite is highly resistant, and can beautifully withstand windy weather! While the sturdy plastic handle makes flying the kite easy and effortless, the durable fiberglass frame ensures that the kite is unbreakable, even when dropped on the ground. What really places the Livertol Eagle Kite miles ahead of competition is the authentic and highly realistic eagle appearance. With a precisely detailed design, the kite depicts an eagle perfectly! Just imagine the face of those who’ll see it – they’ll think it’s real! But that’s not all. Our kite is guaranteed to keep your family united and strengthen your bond by allowing you to spend quality time together. Use the kite anywhere you go and enjoy the ultimate kite-flying experience each and every time! As a plus, you’ll receive a carrying bag to keep your kite safe, secure and portable, FREE of charge! Top 5 reasons to choose Livertol Eagle Kites for Adults: – Quality build: durable polyester and sturdy plastic handle. – Strong fiberglass frame. – Highly detailed design looks like an eagle. – Perfect gift idea for kids and adults who are kite enthusiast! – FREE carrying bag with every Eagle Kite! If you’re looking for an additional way to have fun with the entire family, CLICK the “Add to Cart” button and order the enthusiast Eagle Kite right away!100% GUARANTEE: We at Livertol stand behind the products we make. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the kit, please contact us so we can rectify the issue immediately.
QUALITY MATERIALS USED – The Livertol Eagle Kite has been engineered to last. Made of high-quality 210T polyester, the kite is weather-resistant and guaranteed to fly. Having a durable fiberglass frame, colorful and detailed flying surface, and plastic handle, it will not wear out or break.
FLYING EAGLE-SHAPED KITE KIT – Soar like an eagle with this over 5 FOOT WIDE Eagle Kite that looks like a real bird. It comes complete with all needed accessories, ready to assemble out of the box.
CREATE FAMILY FUN – Flying kites is entertaining for both kids and adults. Use it in any open area, from beaches to parks, and enjoy spending quality time with your family. Do stunts and contests with ease. Make your children and friends smile and laugh while enjoying a day kite-flying.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE & USE – Including downloadable video instructions, this complete kit includes the 5 foot by 2 ½ foot spread-eagle kite with over 70 yards of kite wire on an orange, strong plastic comfortable-to-hold handle. It comes with a black sturdy carrying case that has a see-through window. Unlike inexpensive kites, it can be assembled and used within minutes without breaking.