Eye Catching Pandora 3m Dual-line Control Parafoil Parachute Stunt Sport Nylon Kite, with Handle & String, Outdoor Park Beach Garden Fun




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Dual line control parafoil kites are very different than their counterpart the quad line power kite. Dual line parafoil kites perform just like a two line stunt kite with one difference “The Pull”.

What to expect from a dual line parafoil? Well besides a whole lot of fun, you get a virtually unbreakable two line power kite! If you like speed and the raw power of kites, two line foils might be just what you are looking for.

3M Pandora dual-line control parafoil kite will look stunning in the sky at any time of the year, it will delight flyers of all ages. With its bright and vibrant colours , make this kite a pleasure to watch flying in the sky.

Fun to Fly or can also be an amazing great gift idea for your friends.Dimensions: Arround 300cm x 86cm
Wind Range: 20-28 mph
Color: Multi color ‚óŹ Material: Nylon, foldable, easy storage
Included: Original kite bag, handles & string. Ready to fly!
A best & cheap way to have fun! An amazing gift idea for your friends too.