EMMAKITES Dark 1.2Oz Ripstop Nylon Fabric PC20 Waterproof Extremly Light High Strength Delta / Stunt Kite Making Material 1.45x1M (WxL) 12colors Options




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EMMAKITES PC20 Ristop Waterproof Nylon Fabric

Extremely Light Kite Making Fabric
PC20 is the supreme kite material of EMMAKITES which is lighter while much more durable.
Lighter than you can imagine
Weighs only 35g/1.2Oz per square meter, the fabric is made of material of optimal quality.

Ripstop even in strong breeze
As we know, kite will bear very strong wind strength, then a durable and ripstop fabric is indispensable.
Whether for stunt kite, delta kite or power kite, PC20 will make a great performance for you.
We apply “double grid weaving” (you could see double line weaving in every little quadrille) to make sure our rip-stop fabric much more durable.

Bright and beautiful colors, with them, you can design and make your own special kite

Due to its quality of bright color, ripstop and waterproof, PC20 is also widely used in outdoor applications, such as backpack ( light and waterproof), flags, banners or covers.

Colors available: Black White Coffee; Yellow Orange FluorecentOrange; Red Purple; Azure RoyalBlue; Green ChristmasGreen

Material: PC20 Nylon
Weight: 35g/1.2oz per Square Meter
Coating: Soft PU Layer
Highly Waterproof
Great UV Resistance
Extremely Light
Low Stretch

Attention: If you order more than one quantity for one color, you will receive a continuous length other than spiced pieces.
If you need spiced pieces(length of 1M is the minimum cutting size), please leave a meassage for the order
Extra light and thin, weighs only 35g/1.23oz per square meter,the fabric is made of material of optimal quality
PC20 is the supreme kite material of EMMAKITES which is lighter while much more durable
PU COATING makes a waterproof and nice shape-form fabric for excellent kite
Double grid weaving make sure our rip-stop fabric will express its beauty in strong wind
Bright and beautiful 12 colors to your choice