EMMAKITES Braided Kevlar Line 1000ft for Single Line Kites Flying Outdoor Living Tactical Fishing Ball Bearing Swivel with Snap Attached as Connector (1000ft 150lb)




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Braided / Twisted Kevlar Line

Diameter of Twisted Kevlar Line
70lbs: 0.45mm
100lbs: 0.5mm
150lbs: 0.6mm
200lbs: 0.8mm
Length: 1000lb ( exceptionally 2000ft for 70lb)

Diameter of Braided Kevlar Line
100lbs: 0.8mm
150lbs: 1mm
250lbs: 1.1mm
380lbs: 1.3mm
Length: 1000ft
Kevlar Fiber Is An organic synthesis fiber material
Our Kevlar line is made from 100% Kevlar fiber
high strength, high hardness, high toughness and high abrasion resistance
Whether you go for fishing, stunt kites, or other outdoor activities, even extreme sports
Kevlar line is always a wonderful choice and a must-haveKevlar Line is most used for Flying Single Line Kites. A snap swivel is attached for easy clip to the kite bridle.
Made of 100% Kevlar fiber which is of high strength, high harness, high toughness and high abrasion resistance
Multi-strands weaving process will much enhance the abrasion resistance
Frequently applied for flying kite, fishing, usual house activities and most outdoor workings due to its high strength
As a multifonctional tool, Kevlar line is always a popular companion in house work and outdoor activities