Beamer V 5.0 Quad Line Power Kite




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Bigger, lighter Beamers are the best yet. Great for buggies, mountain boards and general power kiting, they make it easier than ever to handle lots of power.New brake line system really lets you ramp up the power or spill wind when you need to.
Made of ripstop nylon, it’s Ready to Fly with 85′ of 485/220-lb Dyneema quad-lines, handles and winder in a 13″ X 17″ backpack
Comes with kite killer wrist straps that let you dump all of the pull and land your kite gently by letting go of the handles
14′-0″ X 4′-1″, weighs 25.8-oz
Flies in 4 to 27-mph winds. Signed liability release required