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Do you want to fly kites with your families in windy days? Come on to try this Color Triangle Kite for your entertainment.It’ll be love at first sight when our kite arrives at your door.What’s more, we’ve worked to create the perfect balance of durability and size – when you’re done flying your kite, it easily folds up into a small package so you can take it anywhere you’d like to go. Whether you’re buying a first kite for a child or adding another kite to your growing collection, this versatile delta kite has it all!Perfect for Beach or Park – Kids Love It!
kite with 1 * 30m line
It’s BIG! 28 Inches Wide with Long Tail 160 Inches Long
The children flew very easily, even in a small wind.
This is entirely software made kite, it takes only a minute to get a new kite, you take it out of the bag without assembly you can easily start playing.